Ushuaia (Argentina) is the southermost city in the world located on the southern coast of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. It is a sea port and gates to Antarctica and people call it end of the world.  Most of the expedition cruises to Antarctic Peninsula start here. To reach the Antarctic peninsula an expedition ice-streanthend vessel need to cross Drake Passage. Expedition Cruise to Antarctic Peninsula onboard m/s Professor Molchanov (Dec 2008 - Jan 2009) started here.


The Stash is the snow park in Roza Khutor Ski Resort located in the forest area. All shapes and elements were designed using natural materials such as wood. March 2017. This photography workshop "Winter in the mountains" was organized by Kirill Umrikhin.  Riders: Stepan Artemev, Artem Sheldr,  Andrey Moskvin.


 Night photography in the mountains. Caucasus. Roza Khutor ski resort.

 Starry sky over Roza Khutor ski resort. Circular Fisheye lens. 

 Long exposure.

 Photographers working on the images.


This one of the surfing spots in Sochi region. Locals call it Khosta Rica. I've never been to Costa Rica and that Is why I am not sure if it is similar or not. It doesn't matter for me. It was my first experience shooting surfing. Khosta is a small town situated in Sochi district (Krasnodar Kraj, Russia) on the shore of the Black Sea not far from Adler.

Good stormy day offers good opportunities for surfing here. Russian surfers from Surf Siberia project came here directly from Moscow just for a couple days to experience surfing. 

I spend here two days taking pictures of surfers. 

Storm is a big risk and athletes  need to concentrate on the waves just to enter the sea.

Athlets surfing Khosta Rica waves.

Waiting for the wave.


The shore.

The embankment in Khosta.

Surf Sochi)


Sky park. Sochi. Adventure extreme park is situated in the Sochi National Park on the road to Krasnaya Polyana. 

Skybridge is the longest suspension footbridge in the world!Its length is 439 meters. Unique attractions from the creator of bungee jumping.

 Views from the bridge.

 Lens baby.

BUNGY 69 - a jump from a height of 69 meters from a special platform, which is located at the beginning of the bridge skybridge.

This is our camera man Sergey working.

 Lensbaby images.

 I used Lens baby a lot that day.


Skybridge stretches in a picturesque location above the river gorge Akhshtyr Mzimta at an altitude of 207 meters above the ground. 

Walk across the bridge will bring a lot of emotions for each guest of the park: from excitement to excitement. 

BUNGY 207 - a jump from a height of 207 meters from a special platform, which is located in the middle of the bridge skybridge.

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