This one of the surfing spots in Sochi region. Locals call it Khosta Rica. I've never been to Costa Rica and that Is why I am not sure if it is similar or not. It doesn't matter for me. It was my first experience shooting surfing. Khosta is a small town situated in Sochi district (Krasnodar Kraj, Russia) on the shore of the Black Sea not far from Adler.

Good stormy day offers good opportunities for surfing here. Russian surfers from Surf Siberia project came here directly from Moscow just for a couple days to experience surfing.

I spend here two days taking pictures of surfers.

Storm is a big risk and athletes need to concentrate on the waves just to enter the sea.

Athlets surfing Khosta Rica waves.

Waiting for the wave.


The shore.

The embankment in Khosta.

Surf Sochi)